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   77Tracking is a modular component of the 77Tool, which has been designed to make the process of managing Search Engine Marketing campaigns easier and more efficient. 77Tracking monitors the sponsored listing campaigns, tracks the natural listings results and tracks most other forms of online marketing campaigns (including banner campaigns, links, affiliates and email campaigns).

   The 77Tracking provides an accurate real-time tracking solution for specifically identified actions generated by marketing activity online. Examples of such actions can be sales, leads, registrations, or visits. These actions are analysed by channel type, media owner, affiliate and keyword allowing for very detailed analysis of the cost per action. You can accurately calculate the cost and performance of each campaign and so adapt your online advertising spend accordingly allowing for full overview and control of your campaign from a master control.
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The tracking is easy to implement and fully configurable for:
  • Multiple campaigns and multiple sub-campaigns
  • Following user behaviour across the website
  • Multiple product groupings
  • Multiple Actions per campaign
The real-time reporting view includes: :
  • Tracking competitor activity, ability to adjust campaigns accordingly
  • Tracking each channel and media owner / affiliate, search engine and keyword
  • Tracking sales, value of sales, leads, registrations, applications, downloads, requests (in fact, any trackable Action)
  • Tracking detailed Return On Investment (ROI) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

If you have any questions about the tool please call our service support number during working hours on + 44 (0) 207 378 7358 or e-mail

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